Eliminating Human Error 201

Online Course Topic Outline

1.0   Introduction
1.1   Why Are You Here?
1.2   Objectives
1.3   How to get the Most out of This Course
1.4   The HU Factor™- Discussion and Review
1.5   Practicing Perfection®- What it is / What it’s Not
1.6   The Foundation: The Precepts of Practicing Perfection®
2.0   Human and Organizational Performance
2.1   Human Performance Defined
2.2   The Individual Performance Model
2.3   Individual Accountability
2.4   The Organization and the People Who Create It
2.5   Basic Organizational Performance Model
2.6   Joint Accountability
3.0   Human Performance Modes and Organizational Setups
3.1   Human Performance Modes
3.2   Generic Error Modeling System (GEMS)- The Psychology of Task Execution
3.3   Stages of Performance, Error Mechanisms and Error Types
3.4   Organizational Psychology of Error
3.5   The Anatomy of an Event
3.6   The 84 to 94 percent- Latent Organizational Weaknesses (LOWs)
3.7   Predominant Human Error Traps
4.0   Awareness and Self-Knowledge- The Learning Organization
4.1   Knowledge and Awareness
4.1.1   The Event Pyramid
4.1.2   Methods of Self-Assessment
4.2   Effective Tracking, Trending, and Corrective Action
5.0   The 6 to 16 Percent- Dealing with Human Fallibility
5.1   Human Fallibility Defined
5.2   The Primary Error Elimination Tools™
5.3   Use of the Tools Within Your Organization
5.4   Culpability- When Should There be Personal Consequences?
6.0   The Synergy of “Team”- Developing Your Code of Honor
6.1   Why a Code?
6.2   Important Elements in any Code
6.3   Facilitation / Brainstorming Your Code
6.4   Sustaining Your Code- Calling and Being Called
7.0   Making Things Better (and better and better and better…)
7.1   Tapping Into the ‘Magic’ of Precepts 3 and 4- PPCI (a simple Improvement Process That Actually Works!)
7.1.1   How it Works
7.1.2   Why it Works
8.0   Tying it All Together- Your Plan for Performance Improvement
8.1   Where to Begin- Sponsorship…(or not)
8.2   The Most Influential Person in Your Organization
8.3   True Leadership
8.4   Key Elements to Successful Culture Modification
8.5   Developing Your Plan
8.6   The Story of the Old Fisherman- Your Call to Action

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