Monday, 15 January, 2018

“Good to Great” Revisited

Today is Day 15 of 2018.

If you’d invested a penny on New Year’s Day, and your investment doubled each day since, today you’d make $163.84.

Leaving your desk this Friday, looking forward to weekend golf, time with the kids…whatever it is for you, you’d be up to $2,621.44.

By the end of January, you’re making over $10 million per day.

This is geometric rise and the ‘miracle’ of compound interest.

Unleashed, compounding applies to everything- especially efforts to improve performance.

Think about going to the gym. It hurts at first. You have to force yourself to do it.

After a few weeks, it becomes MUCH easier.

You start to look forward to it. You feel better than you have in…maybe forever.

Your results multiply.

Your mind is on fire, your outlook bright…your wife is even thinking you’re ‘sexy’ again.

But you had to start. Your first efforts were critical.

You had to stick through those tough slow first few weeks.

Then, the ‘magic’ begins.

Tired of incremental change that takes forever?

Here’s a simple recipe for geometric improvement:

DECIDE to improve. Do it RIGHT. COMPOUND your effort. STICK WITH IT.

It’s NOT rocket science.

Getting from ‘good’ to GREAT typically involves merely optimizing and compounding the fundamentals.

And by the way- the speed of the leader ALWAYS determines the speed of the pack.

Be brilliant!

Tim Autrey, Founder/CEO


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