I flew from Brussels to Heathrow last Saturday- the day Meghan and Prince Harry got married.

We flew over Windsor in our approach to Heathrow just after 8:30 that morning.

Though the ceremony wasn’t til noon, a few thousand cheerful Brits already lined the parade route.

I was that close to history.  Pretty cool.

My flight from London back to the US was on a Boeing 747.

I’m always amazed at how those huge planes make it into the air.

For a 747, this demands a speed greater than 150 mph.

What if, maybe because he was distracted by the Royal Wedding, or maybe because he ‘just didn’t feel like it’…the pilot wasn’t fully commited to achieving the needed speed?

What if he only gave it…80%?

The Royal Wedding would not have ended up as the biggest news of the day.

And I likely wouldn’t be writing this right now.

How much progress, relationship, health…even life is lost by being less than fully committed?

This is an acute issue for so many people.

The thing is, it’s easier to be 100% committed than say…98%.

It takes decision and distraction out of the process.

When you’re 100% committed, your ‘yes’ means YES.

Your ‘no’ means NO.

You’re either ‘in’ or you’re ‘out’.

Performance, safety, success, health, relationships…life lie in the balance- with your every choice, every action…every behavior.

It’s time to get serious- about whatever you have a mind to do.

Everything counts.

Be BOLD, and have an exceptional week!

Tim Autrey Fonder/CEO PPI

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