Are you stuck in the WHAT at the expense of the HOW?

In man’s early efforts to fly, he attempted to mimic the best practices of the best fliers. He crafted wings made of feathers, strapped them to his arms, jumped off a [cathedral] and flapped like crazy.

When earlier attempts didn’t work, those who were determined knew what they obviously needed…more feathers!

In 1738, a mathematician named Daniel Bernoulli wrote a book entitled, Hydrodynamica. The stage was set for man to fly. However, it would be 165 years before the Wright Brothers pulled it off.

It took this long for would-be aviators to shift from WHAT they thought (the correlation that feathers equal the ability to fly), to making changes in HOW they thought (in this case the causality of “lift” given to us by Bernoulli).

If you truly want breakthroughs in your efforts to improve human performance (or in any of your endeavors for that matter), you must shift your thinking from WHAT to HOW. Check here (In other words, from correlation to causality.)


The final segment of the Changing the Game webinar series happens next Wednesday, February 13th at 2:00PM (US eastern time). (and as always, there is NO CHARGE to participate).

Here are the details:

TITLE: Changing the Game (Part III): Your HU Blueprint

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, February 13th at 2:00PM (US eastern time)




Your time has come to take things in a new and sustainable direction.

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