For those in the US- Wednesday is Independence Day.

For me, the Fourth of July has always been the peak of the summer season.

American flags on every pole, fried chicken, burgers, macaroni salad…the whole bit.  I’ve always loved it.

When you consider this experiment in freedom, fought for and consummated by the Founding Fathers- the most successful venture into personal liberty ever known on planet earth- it is indeed something to celebrate.

As you’re likely aware, I love to challenge the status quo.  It’s ultimately because of the efforts of our Founding Fathers, and the sacrifices of all who have fought to preserve it, that I have the freedom to do so.

Same thing is true for you.

And when we stop questioning; when we stop challenging- we throw away that freedom. 

We hand our keys to someone else.

How about you?

So many have lost their drive…their passion…for doing what’s right- for the sake of security, temporary comfort, and ‘fitting in’.

Sometimes we even sacrifice our freedom because it gives us someone else to blame.  We move to the back of the bus and leave the driving to ‘them’. 

If you truly want to help make our world a better and safer place, sitting in the back of the bus ain’t gonna cut it.

Freedom comes with choice…and with choice comes…responsibility.




Until next time,

Tim Autrey Fonder/CEO PPI

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