How will becoming certified benefit me / my organization?

Our world is filled with cliché “quick fixes” to complex problems. We’ve become awash with buzzwords, catchphrases, and “slogans of the day”.  Unfortunately, these tend to offer only surface-level lip service in a world too ‘busy’ to get to the root of the real issues.

This is especially true when it comes to Performance Improvement.

Genuine challenges require critical thinking and depth of understanding. When it comes to human performance however, the last thing you want is to attempt to teach academic science/theory to workforce members who simply want to get their work done!

What’s needed is an approach that synthesizes and utilizes complex underlying behavioral and organizational psychology (getting to the root of the real issues), while coming across as fast, simple, and easy during its implementation. This is precisely what the Practicing Perfection® Next-Generation approach does: it provides a great deal of, as Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, “simplicity on the far side of complexity.”

When helping Clients implement Practicing Perfection® Next-Generation Performance Improvement™, our Master Facilitators provide you, your leadership team, and your team members with all necessary insights.  The complex psychology is “built-in” under the surface.

During the Next-Generation LEADERSHIP!™ (PPL) Course, we teach you precisely WHAT to do, as a leader, to achieve and sustain next-level performance.

During the Practicing Perfection® EXPERT (PPE) Course, we drill down below the “what”, to teach you the underlying WHY(s) behind each of its key elements. We reveal the psychological strategies and behavioral triggers that make this approach so impactful and its results so sustainable.

If your organization engages in Next-Generation Performance Improvement Implementation with PPI, and you desire to do some of the training/facilitation in-house, the FACILITATOR Course will prepare you or your team member(s) to qualify as a Practicing Perfection® FACILITATOR (PLF).  PLF participants are armed with all PPI tools- Instructor Guides, Power Points, and Online Resources –  with which to conduct HU Basic Training™ Courses within your organization.  Each qualified individual is granted a License, authorizing facilitation of as many HU Basic Training™ Courses as your organization needs for two years.

Why is there “pre-work” for the PLE/PLF Certification Course, and what is involved?

During our time together, we want to put as much energy as possible into the WHYs and HOWs of the Practicing Perfection® Next-Generation approach.  To do so, we ask those participating in PLE and PLF Certification to complete a few pre-work assignments.  These are designed to help you begin to THINK DIFFERENT, and to provide a basic understanding of where we’re headed.

Once you register, you will receive a link to your pre-work assignments. Your assignments include:

  • Completing your Transformation Conversation worksheet
  • Viewing a selection of online training videos
  • Reading selected Special Reports and Briefings, including, “REPS: Next-Generation Performance Improvement”
  • Reading designated sections of Tim Autrey’s book, Six-Hour Safety Culture.
  • Preparing a five-minute presentation on your greatest current human performance challenge (and what you think should be done to solve the problem)

What is the significance of the “PPL”, “PPE” and “PPF” designations?

Human performance is rapidly becoming recognized as the ultimate frontier of performance improvement. While tremendous progress has been made in human error reduction within some industries over the past two decades, it has also become recognized by many that “old school” methods of ‘controlling’ and/or ‘demanding’ specific behaviors is not a sustainable method for improving performance.

The keys to enhancing worker engagement and accountability, and thus improving safety, quality, efficiency, and productivity, lie within the context of “next-level human performance”.

The Practicing Perfection® Next-Generation approach is the most effective method on the planet for achieving next-level performance. Your credentials, PPL, PPE, or PPF, gained through the associated levels of the Certification process, acknowledge your Next-Level Performance Improvement expertise.

Is the Certification Course difficult?

You will find Practicing Perfection® Certification training to be one of the most intense training courses you have ever attended. Our intent is to arm you with as much insight and awareness as possible during out time together. This being said, all of the content is developed to maximize your understanding.

The Certification Course is not intended to be academic. It is practical. As with life, you will get out of your participation whatever you are willing to put into it. Complete your pre-work, come engaged with critical thinking, a questioning attitude, and a genuine desire to grab as much for yourself (and your organization) as you possibly can. Do this, and you will find the experience to be (1) incredibly enriching, (2) a bit exhausting, and (3) life energizing. You will leave the Course ever-more inspired and committed to do whatever you can to help make our world a better and safer place.

What will getting “Certified” enable me to do?

As a PLL Next-Generation Leader, you will know precisely WHAT to do to achieve and sustain Next-Level Performance in any work environment.

As a PLE Practicing Perfection® EXPERT, in addition to knowing WHAT to do to achieve and sustain Next-Level Performance in any work environment, you will also understand WHY each component works so well.  This gives you tremendous depth of awareness and understanding as a powerful INFLUENCER within your work (and home) environment.

When you complete the classroom portion of PLF, in addition to acquiring all of the knowledge and insights associated with PLL and PLE, you will also be armed with insights into HOW to reach the hearts and minds of participants in a classroom environment.  You will be armed with the same Instructor Guides and Power Points used by PPI Master Facilitators to conduct HU Basic (HUB) Training™ classroom Courses and Exercises.  Once qualified, you will be granted a license authorizing you to facilitate as many HUB Courses as your organization needs/desires for two years.

What if we have a large organization and would like to schedule an “in-house” Certification Course?

This is common practice for larger organizations, and can result in substantial savings in per-person tuition. In addition, we will come to you, thereby reducing/eliminating travel costs for your participants. If you think in-house Certification might work for your organization and would like to know more about the process, Contact Us via email, or call Cheryl at (877) 832-9492 / 1-702-331-8391.

What is the refund policy if I need to cancel my attendance for a course that I have already registered and paid for?

If you notify us 31 days or more before the course starts, we will offer you either a full refund (minus 10% for processing fees), or credit toward an upcoming course of equal or lesser value.

If you notify us within 30 days before the first day of your course, we will issue you a credit for an upcoming course of equal or lesser value.

How can I “sell” the benefits of getting Certified to my boss?

A proper focus on Human Performance directly impacts all four Business Imperatives- those areas vital to the current and future success of your organization: Reliability, Efficiency, Productivity, and Safety (REPS).

Human Performance can no longer be lobbed into the bins of ‘luxuries’ or elective ‘soft skills’. Far from being simply a means to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, these arenas are now directly related to your viability and competitiveness. In today’s environment, your safety record and human performance outcomes can and will play an ever-increasing role in contract award and evaluation of the worthiness of your firm as compared to your competitors.

At this point, your choice is simple- subscribe to one of the ‘old school’ approaches, which have proven to be (at best) marginally effective and rarely (if ever) sustainable, or do the research on the effectiveness and sustainability of the Practicing Perfection® Next-Generation approach. Unless your boss is two steps from retirement (and doesn’t really care), or is heavily entrenched in ‘old school’ thinking, the results of your research will offer answers that any decision maker should be looking for.

If you are leading from the middle, attending Certification is one of the best means possible for your organization to gain ‘inside knowledge’ of HOW and WHY this approach is so effective. If desired, we can provide you with a list of client references and previous Certification attendees that you may contact. We’ll even help you arrange a benchmarking trip to one of our Client Organizations if you would like.

If you are interested in calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) of reducing human error within your organization, use our online ROI Calculator (the first-ever instrument for calculating tangible dollar return on training in human performance).

For insights on how to influence your boss, watch this video.

If you still need help, you can request a teleconference with Tim Autrey or one of the PPI Directors and your boss / senior leadership team by contacting us via email, or by calling Cheryl at (877) 832-9492 / 1-702-331-8391.

Still have questions?

Contact Cheryl via email, or by phone at 1-702-331-8391 / 877-832-9492

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