Episode 5


How to reduce the Costs of Human Error (4 Simple Steps)

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In REPSradio.com Episode 5, Tim describes the primary reasons so many organizations continue to do performance improvement “half-somersaults”- efforts partially completed or short of desired results. He then details four simple leadership and implementation steps for avoiding derailments and stifled implementation. You are also provided with downloadable tools for each of the 4 steps.

In this episode, you will:

  • Understand what “performance improvement half-somersaults“ are, and why they occur so often within organizations
  • Recognize the temptation of the shiny box, and the stop-dead-in-the-water effects of analoculitis
  • Be given 4 SIMPLE STEPS for HOW to avoid half-hearted or half-baked performance improvement efforts
  • Be provided with downloadable / immediately accessible TOOLs for implementing each of the 4 STEPS

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