I used to think “enlightenment” was a point of ‘arrival’…a state to be acquired…when you’re finally able to grasp the “Big Picture”.

A destination many seek- yet VERY few ever attain.

As it turns out- enlightenment (like so many other important things) isn’t a destination at all.

I recently learned this from my friend and colleague, Bob Nelms , at the 2018 HPRCT Conference  in San Antonio.

For decades now, I’ve taught the virtue (and difficulty) of taking an honest look in the mirror.  And- of fully acknowledging what we DON’T know.

Never equated this to enlightenment however.

I’ve always known Truth exists.  I like to believe I’ve even tasted a tiny bit of it.

For most of us though…most of the time…our perception of truth lies jaded under layers of judgement, misguided perspective, and bull-headedness.

“Experts” have always been those providing countless reasons why something CAN’T be done.

When you allow the layers of untruth to crumble away, amazing possibilities reveal themselves (in every aspect of life).

What better reason could there possibly be for challenging the status quo?




Have an exceptional week,

Tim Autrey Fonder/CEO PPI

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