Thank you very much for your commitment to reducing errors and keeping your workers safe!

When used uncompromisingly, the Practicing Perfection® Error Elimination Tools™ virtually eliminate the potential for workers to make mistakes.

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Get started immediately with a downloadable copy of the
Error Elimination Tools™ USER GUIDE

The USER GUIDE is the leaders’ companion to the Tools handbooks, and provides you with the exact same step-by-step implementation and oversight plan used to achieve sustained error reductions of up to 87.5%. It details:

    • how to roll out the TOOLs in a manner that gets maximum attention
    • how to get workers to want to use the TOOLs
    • how to grow, reinforce, and sustain positive vital safe behaviors

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I hope we have the opportunity to meet and share success stories at some point in the future.

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Stacey Hefner, Director- Contractor Services
Practicing Perfection Institute, Inc.

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