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I just returned from Santiago, Chile. There is a restaurant in the financial district on Av Isidora Goyenechea called “Tiramisu”.  Suzette and I ate there three times in one week.  Why?  They served the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life.

The BEST pizza I’ve ever had…in Chile!

Three years ago I was in Canterbury, England and enjoyed one of the best Mexican meals I’ve ever feasted upon.  Yep, GREAT Mexican food in…England!

I love to eat excellent food, but the point of this is not to prattle on about international cuisine- it’s about finding unexpected gems; about anticipating one thing and finding another.

When an activity generates results that are different than what we initially expect or anticipate, taking the associated action becomes “counterintuitive”. When the results far exceed our expectations, we should continue to make such choices / take such actions, even though it may be counter to our initial ‘logic’.

Many of the most recent discoveries in human performance are counterintuitive to the ‘logic’ of rules, and databases, and enforcement upon which many have relied for so long.

If you’re interested in taking the performance of your organization to the next level, you would be wise to expand your context and seek out the most recent of what practical science has to offer.

The next out-of-the-USA trip for Suzette and me will likely be to Panama.  I’m thinking, maybe some GREAT Chinese?

If you have had some ‘counterintuitive’ human performance successes from which others might benefit, please SHARE THEM BELOW.

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