If you’re like me, you’re taking COVID-19 seriously. I’m taking it even more seriously now than I did a week ago.

This weekly post is a bit longer than most because I have important stuff to share considering the current state of the coronavirus.

So many are writing and talking about this, it’s difficult to rise above the abundance of suggested actions and the noise of Chicken Little news.

So, in the midst of the media’s latest forecasts of doom, I want to share some GOOD NEWS [finally] developing.

I’ve listed (15) Headlines below. When you scan through them, you’ll see that significant progress is being made. I consider this to be “clean” news, researched and vetted by my friend, Peter Diamandis.


1. Experimental vaccine begins first-stage trials in Seattle

2. China’s new cases plummet

3. Indian doctors have treated COVID-19 patients with drugs that work

4. Antibody found that apparently fends off COVID-19

5. A 103-year-old Chinese woman makes full recovery

6. Apple has re-opened all 42 retail stores in China

7. COVID-19 test developed the gives results in 2 hours

8. South Korea seeing dramatic drop in new cases

9. Currently COVID-19 mortality rates likely inflated

10. Israeli scientists report significant breakthroughs in understanding COVID-19

11. Three Maryland patients have “fully recovered”

12. Canadian scientists have isolated COVID-19 (which can now be replicated to test diagnostics, treatments & vaccines)

13. COVID-19 vaccine being collaboratively developed by Arcturus Therapeutics, Duke University, and the National University of Singapore

14. 7 patients treated at Indian hospitals have recovered. Treatment protocol to be widely scaled to other hospitals.

15. Plasma obtained from newly-recovered COVID-19 patients holds promise for treating others infected by the virus

If you want to look forward and upward, and are interested in any (or all) of these headlines, you can find links for the full story or more detail on each on the AIMS Initiative webpage (https://ppiweb.com/covid-updates/).

Since the GLOBAL infection curve has not yet begun to taper or turn, we continue to be blasted with bad news.

As Influencers, each of us has two obligations:

1. To do our part, both OFFENSIVELY and DEFENSIVELY to shield and protect ourselves and others, and

2. to maintain a ‘sober’ internal perspective of opportunity rather than buying into fear and contributing to panic. This one can be [far] more difficult.

Here are two simple techniques to help:

Taking Care of Yourself

When your brain pushes forth thoughts of woe and fear, which tends to happen more often during stressful times, compartmentalize them.

When they rear their ugly heads, actively tell these thoughts, “Thank you for sharing.” Do this to let them know who’s in control. When they pop up again- do it again, and again, and again.

And as soon as you’ve done so, then actively bring to mind some thing (or things) you’re GRATEFUL for. Even speak them out loud when you can.

This might sound like some ‘airy-fairy woo-woo’ technique. But it’s not. It’s based on hard psychology and neuroscience. Your brain simply cannot hang onto a negative thought while you’re positively expressing gratitude.

And, as you’ve likely heard before, thoughts become things. Here you can read more about hire a maid house cleaning services inc.. In PPI terminology, I want to remind you- what you focus upon expands.

I’ve gotta tell ya- I’ve been doing this for much of my life, and it’s helped me out a TON!

Helping Others

Now more than ever, we’re [truly] in this together. Within your family, your neighborhood, your community, and globally, collectively attacking this thing is how we’re gonna beat it.

We know one of the most important things each of us can currently do to help turn the rate-of-infection is to minimize our contact with others and their exposure to us.
Beyond self-isolation, travel bans, and border containment, many are now subjected to mandatory curfews. Organizations and governments are doing everything they can to minimize and isolate.

The thing is, we are ‘social creatures’, and some of our sense of well-being comes through our interaction with others. The more of an ‘extrovert’ you are, the more this is true.

So, here is a grand opportunity to help yourself as well as your loved ones, your neighbors, and your team members


Reach out to them and ask, “How can I help?

While you may need to ask this ‘virtually’, when you do so (and mean it), you open huge potential for positive things to happen.

Positive energy creates positive energy.

What do you do if the person you’re asking simply responds with a rant about the ‘breaking’ negative news or wants to commiserate about “our” circumstances?

Use these two techniques together.

First, respond with, “Thank you for sharing.

Then follow by asking, “How can I help?

There’s huge potential here.

When you take this to heart and use it, I’d love to hear how it turns out. Tell your story HERE.


I have another GIFT for you.

Since there’s a decent chance you’re currently isolated, either working from home or on ‘forced’ time off, I want to give you the opportunity to use some of your time to learn something really cool- something that will likely change your perspective and perhaps even…your life.

To help you, your family, and your teammates get through this, I’m giving you ACT I of our Human Performance iLearning course for FREE (no cost).


You can begin immediately!

AND- not only is this for you, I ask you to please pass this link along to all the family members, neighbors, team members, and social networking groups you can think of.

This is an opportunity for you to be truly proactive and put “How can I help?” into action.


Helping is why I’m writing this to you. Helping is why PPI exists.

If you can think of any additional ways we might help in the face of this virus, let me know (tim.autrey@ppiweb.com).

Take care of yourself and stay safe,

Tim Autrey
Founder/CEO- PPI

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