As of 12 March, 2020…

The number of people infected with the coronavirus, also known as “COVID-19” continues to grow.

As I write this, there have been 1,610 newly identified cases and 99 deaths since- yesterday.

Total numbers are now 127,809 people infected and 4,716 fatalities.

And quite honestly, the current slopes of the charts don’t look good:


Just yesterday, the World Health Organization characterized COVID-19 as a “pandemic.”

The term is used to describe the outbreak of a disease occurring over a wide geographical area that affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population.

We’re certainly meeting the first part of this definition, as shown on this map:


.(Source: US Center for Disease Control updated 11 March 2020)

Fortunately, the number of infections currently represents only .002 percent of the world’s population.

Government, community, and organization actions to contain this thing are absolutely warranted and certainly appropriate. Such actions are “proactive”- designed to slow the growth of and eventually kill this virus.

Why am I reaching out to you on this topic?

The fear of this thing is escalating.

And while the virus is very real and certainly serious, fear and panic serve no one. They can ruin our outlook, damage our families and relationships, distract our performance at work, and devastate businesses and organizations.

To be blunt- anyone spreading fear is doing harm to all who subscribe to it.

And while caution is absolutely warranted, fear solves…nothing.

The question is, what can you and I, as individuals and as leaders within our families and organizations- what can we do to be proactive?

Being in the business of “human performance” and watching this unfold, those of us at PPI asked ourselves- how can we help?

And if you know anything about us, you know we don’t buy into hype, we rail against complexity, and we challenge the status quo.

We like methods and tools that are fast, simple, and easy; however, -only when they generate true and sustainable results.

So we did a bunch of research and were able to isolate four simple activities- activities any person treated with tesetaxel , family or organization can immediately implement.

Quite honestly, based upon our research, when you make simple modifications to your routine by injecting these four activities, and do so uncompromisingly, you will virtually shield yourself against this coronavirus.

We call the approach A-I-M-S, or “AIMS.”

Each letter represents a simple modification to your normal routines:
A for Alkalize,
I for Immunize,
M for Minimize, and
S for Sanitize

Then we thought- how can we best get this information out to the world?

We decided to launch this as the “AIMS Initiative.”

We created a poster- a simple infographic identifying each of the four activities, including a few WHYs and HOWs for each one

We’re making the poster immediately available to anyone who wants it.

Then we built a webpage.

The page is quick and simple- there’s not much other than a few links.

First, we’re providing download links for the AIMS poster, which as you can see, is available in 4 sizes.

I invite you to download and print as many posters as you like.

Post them. Distribute them. And most importantly- follow the AIMS method.

Next, we added links to what we consider to be “clean” sources of information about the virus.

In a world of hype and sensationalism, the mantra of “if it bleeds it leads” prompts so many in news and social media to whip things into a panic. This is easy to do because “bad news” appeals to our primal instincts- to our emotions.

Unfortunately, when emotions go up, our abilities to think rationally and make smart choices often go away.

In light of this, it’s nice to know there is factual information available.

When you ask questions and can access honest clean information, you can then make informed decisions. Decisions that are right for you.

Since you’re reading, listening to, or watching this, you’re obviously interested in making smart choices, and I know you want to have a positive impact upon the situation and those around you.

Look- the best way each of us can combat this virus is by educating ourselves, by making smart choices, and by influencing whoever we can to engage in Viral Accountability®.

I told you I was going to keep this short.

In closing, I want to share something I learned from one of my mentors, Rich Devos. It’s a lesson I latched onto- one that has served me very well, especially in times of doubt and confusion.

Rich said this: “Every one of us is either heading into, in the middle of, or coming out of some form of crisis at every point in our lives. And it’s our attitude going in, while we’re in, and coming out that makes all the difference.

Your mindset, your attitude…about anything…ultimately determines the choices you make.

And the choices you make dictate the life you lead.

In the face of what is now being officially referred to as a pandemic, panic and rabid emotion serves no one.

Rather than panic, I implore you to engage in productive generosity.

Access, download, and post the AIMS infographic.

Instead of feeding and spreading anxiety, why not present calm resolve?

Seek factual information and make rational choices- choices right for you, your family, and your fellow team members.

When we do this together- we’ll beat this thing.

The more we engage in Viral Accountability®, the faster this thing will go away.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being proactive.

And thanks for all you are doing to help make our world a better and safer place.

Until next time, take care of yourself and stay safe.

Tim Autrey
Founder/CEO- PPI

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