BRIEFING #2: Getting Paid to Do it Right (The ROI of Human Performance) | PPI Global

This is the second of a SIX-PART BRIEFING SERIES to help you bust through barriers you might be confronted with as a performance improvement (PI) professional. 

Have you ever KNOWN… that something was the right thing to do and simply could not get the decision-makers to “buy in”?

Many at the upper levels of the business ladder look at training, especially training on anything with the word “human” in it, as an expense- an avoid-whenever-possible loss to the bottom line.

As I am sure you are aware…efforts to elevate human performance (when executed properly such that they produce sustainable results) are not an expense at all.  Rather, they are one of the best investments your organization can ever make.

What if…

(1)  there was a method proven to reduce human error by 50% (or more) in the first year, and

(2)  the method is proven to be sustainable, and

(3)  there was a way to demonstrate tangible ROI for investing in its implementation using your organization’s current numbers, and

(4)  this ROI demonstrated a minimum of 100% return in its first year?

Do you think this might help you influence those “in charge”?

Well, there is, and it is, and there is, and…it will.

The method is called Practicing Perfection®.  Success story after success story exist demonstrating error reduction rates of up to 87.5% following its implementation.  Sustainability is generated through the culture change effected by HOW it is implemented.  And, we have created a simple tool for calculating potential ROI for your organization!

I know your time is valuable, so I am going to lead you straight to the tools (including written instructions on how to use the calculator in your organization and a demo video).

Visit video 7 in my “Future of Performance Improvement Series

Check it out and let me know what you think in the Comments Section below.

Until next time,

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