Suzette and I were driving back to our hotel after finishing up a workshop in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Colts-Patriots AFC Divisional Playoff game was on the radio.

The game was a classic battle between rivals…and two of the best quarterbacks ever- Manning & Brady.

The game unfolded into a BAD day for Indianapolis.

The Patriots won 20-3.   

Just before halftime, I remember hearing, “Rather than playing to win, it seems like the Colts are playing not to lose.”

For me, it was an “ah-ha” (2X4) moment.

I can still hear those words…

I’ve been playing to win ever since.

Here’s the deal:

Playing “not to lose” simply DOESN’T work- especially as our environment continues to accelerate.

You’re either exceptional…or you’re mediocre. 

And as a person- how you do anything is how you do everything.

So- are YOU playing to win…or playing not to lose?

It’s YOUR choice (in every aspect of life).



Have a week that MATTERS.

Tim Autrey Fonder/CEO PPI

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