Are there things or people that annoy you?

Most of us have ‘em.

Allowing yourself to be annoyed is a side-effect of something you (or someone else) is thinking, feeling, or doing.

You tell yourself a story.
You push hard against it.

You allow [whatever it is] to grow, to amplify, to make you even more annoyed.

Let this continue, you get angry.

Annoyance causes stress.
Anger causes more stress- your stress.

Yet most of us work hard to amplify it.

The thing is- being annoyed serves no purpose…whatsoever.

That is- other than causing harm.

To paraphrase Buddha- harboring anger [annoyance] against someone [or something] is like holding a hot coal in your hand waiting to throw it at them. You’re the one who gets burned.

Drop it.
Let it go.

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