Things to Avoid [Part I]- “Analoculitis” | PPI Global

There are (2) predominant pitfalls into which organizations plummet in their efforts to improve human performance.  See if this one sounds familiar to you…

It’s called ANALOCULITIS, and it is currently at epidemic levels in many sectors.


Gross over-dependence upon data (such as “corrective action” or “coaching” databases) and/or studies (such as Six Sigma) in an effort to “fix” people, without intelligent action to sustainably modify behaviors; aka, “cranial-rectal inversion

Has your organization succumbed to this disease?

Think about it- accumulation of data without intelligent action is about as useful as a gilt-edged menu to a starving sailor on a raft in mid-ocean.

Stay tuned for part two…

For freedom from error,



Learn HOW to inoculate yourself against analoculitis during the week of September 9th.  During this week, you can attend the next PPC Certification Course, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts. For details, CLICK HERE.


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