Human Performance BASIC Training

An opportunity for you and your team to understand

WHY you do WHAT you do the WAY you do it.

This is a fun, engaging, and entertaining learning experience.  It’s self-paced. On average, it should take you about (4) hours to complete.

In addition to learning at your pace, you also get to pick between two virtual facilitators (Dean or Nick).

It’s your choice.

Nick’s version is provided with closed-captioning if you want to use it.

The videos below offer a quick preview of the teaching style of each facilitator.

Once inside your portal, you can choose the one you like best.

Please be aware, once you’ve chosen your facilitator and started the Course, should you decide to change, you will need to start the Course from the beginning with your new facilitator. The material is the same- this is simply a requirement of the learning management system.

Dean Sinclair

Nick Romano

You’ll find both Dean and Nick ready and waiting for you inside your learning portal.  They’re both anxious to help you learn some really cool stuff!

Simply use the iLEARNING ACCESS button below to start your journey.


While registering, use the Access Code provided in your email.
This will provide you access to your learning portal without the need for a credit card!

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