Which is more important- “accountability” or “responsibility”?

Accountability is INTERNAL.

YOU are the only one who can ‘hold you accountable’ for…anything.

Responsibility is EXTERNAL.

It’s typically assigned by others or by the ‘system’.

Accountability is OWNERSHIP- of what you say (and how you say it), of what you do (and how you do it), and of your outcomes and results.

Responsibility gets ASSIGNED TO US from outside.

When things go well and you’re responsible, you get a pat on the back.

When things go awry, responsibility often equates to the ‘sentence for the crime’.

Accountability is a CHOICE- moment-to-moment, choice-to-choice, action and behavior…to action and behavior.

It keeps you driving down the center of the lane.

Responsibility is ALLOCATED following investigation against rules and expectations- after the ‘accident’ has occurred.

Which one is more important?

High levels of accountability (especially Proactive Accountability®) virtually eliminate incidences of negative responsibility.

You do the math.

Until next time,

Tim Autrey Fonder/CEO PPI

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